Jet Set Six is a band out of New York City. They play a loungy, cocktail type of swing music. The horn section is flawless. The vocals are strong. The rhythm is top notch. The songs are catchy. Nothing is holding this band back. They sound great. If you're the crooning type, Jet Set Six is for you.

I saw Jet Set Six perform at Sunfest in West Palm Beach, FL on April 30th, 1999. Outstanding show!!! They have such energy! It is like going to a heavy metal concert with a swing band. Josef never stops strutting around the stage playing the bass. He picks that thing up like he's playing a guitar! John's voice and guitar solos are great. Andy plays his drum solos like there's no tomorrow. Also, the horn section creates vocal harmonies that give you chills. Go see them right away!!!

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Jet Set Six
John Ceparano
vocals, guitar
Josef Pelletier
Andy Burns
Steven Gluzband
David Detweiler
tenor sax
J. Walter Hawkes
The two perpetual bachelors.
Jet Set 6 + 1.
Crazy man, crazy!
The horn section is livin' it up.
Since he's one lonely sir, and he's a him without a her, he has to play a solo.
This was signed by the group backstage.
Livin' it Up